Eric Rattan Workshop Last Weekend

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Last weekend we had a tile workshop with Eric Rattan that was amazing and inspiring event. See the full workshop agenda below. Eric has a handmade tile class starting next week.


March 29 & 30 - 9:00am-5:00pm

This 2-day class will cover the basics of tile and stone installation, including but not limited to layout, adhesives, grouts, mortar additives, tools, substrates, underlayments, uncoupling membranes, vapor barriers and much more. This class is an opportunity for tile artists to supplement their income by installing their tiles at a tradesman's wage.


9am-12pm  lecture/slide presentation and tools demonstration

12pm-1pm  break for lunch - brown bag or dine at the adjoining tea room

1pm-5pm    construct substrate, set tiles. Materials for a 2ft by 2ft mock-up (including tiles) are provided. The mock-ups usually are thrown away after the class ends on Sunday; attendees may bring their own tiles if they wish and are welcome to keep whatever is created from the demonstration.


9am-12pm lecture/slide presentation and tools demonstration

12pm-1pm  same hour lunch program

1pm-2pm    grout tile mock-ups from previous day

2pm-4pm    question and answer period. This is open to past or present personal projects, trouble-shooting challenges, and any other installation questions students may have.

Materials for all substrates, adhesives, and tiles for practice mock-ups are provided. Attendees should bring their own quarter inch notched trowel and a high-quality grout float (float should be off-white rubber and soft to the touch); these can be found at any mason supply or big box store.